A Bridal Glam Timeline: From "i Will" to "I Do"


By Bianca Princena

Weddings can come about so fast! To make the most of this sweet season of life, you need a game plan to help feel and look your absolute best. With the excitement of your recent engagement still flowing, you might be wondering just where to start with all the planning madness! So, what comes next? 

From finetuning your glowing skincare routine to finding the most beautiful inspirations for your entire wedding look, Tease to Please Hair and Makeup has got you covered! Of course, these are only suggestions of where to channel all that newly-engaged energy – we love that every bride and their timeline are totally unique!

7-8 Months Out

This is the time for you to start dreaming! Look up Pinterest ideas, start a board, browse our Instagram, gather local bridal magazines, create collages of all your favorite looks, and start checking out local hair and makeup teams like Tease to Please. You will want to set a budget (with some wiggle room) and search within that realm, as well as for other qualities you’d like to see in your ideal team. Set up a healthy meal plan and a workout routine to help keep the wedding stress at bay and leave you feeling your very best!

5-6 Months Out

Deciding on a hairstylist and makeup team like Tease to Please Hair and Makeup for your wedding day will lead to scheduling your trial run. Ahead of this, we recommend scheduling to visit a dermatologist for any skin concerns you would like to address pre-wedding. Their advice will make for the best skincare routine for your specific skin type, which creates the perfect canvas for your wedding makeup. If you know her didn’t already, SPF should be your new best friend now!

3-4 Months Out

When you test out new skin regimens this early, you ensure there is time to recover from any potential skin reactions. Additionally, if you’re toying around with the idea of getting a spray tan, pre-wedding activities are the perfect time to test them out in a lower-risk setting. Set up a facial + spray tan date to pamper yourself and leave your skin looking its very best – and don’t forget to consume lots of water!

1-2 Months Out

Start narrowing down your favorite wedding day look by choosing accessories, your final hair and makeup look after any trial run tweaks, and get your teeth whitened! We love to keep a few collapsible silicone straws with us in case of wine, tea, or coffee. Try on your dress after alterations to ensure everything went according to plan and that you can envision the entire ensemble together for a cohesive look. 

2 Weeks Out

Now is the time to have your hair trimmed and any root touch-ups or color services done, get serious about moisturizing your face and body daily, schedule your wedding mani-pedi, spoil yourself with a massage, and confirm all the details of your wedding day timeline with your planner, bridesmaids and hair and makeup team.

1 Week Out

The final countdown is on! We recommend using these last few days to carry out any waxing appointments, get your nails done, go for one last facial, and be spray-tanned to perfection. At this point, your skin should be well-hydrated and loved on like it’s never been before! Throw together an emergency beauty kit to pack for your venue, including a razor, nail clippers, and a sewing kit, to name just a few things.

The Day Before

Relax, girl! Take a deep breath and know that the biggest day of your life is just around the corner. Don’t worry about much the night before besides locating and loading the things you will need into the car, and be sure to wash and condition your hair one final time before the wedding. If you can, set your alarm to allow for a full 8 hours of sleep at least! Whatever you need to feel rejuvenated before the rush of wedding excitement!