Haley and Edwin Rodriguez

Their love story is a little different than most. How they met couldn’t be more like a scene out of a movie, like the one in Big Daddy 😉 Edwin took his nephew Christian to the park for a Fun in the Sun-day. While Edwin was greeting some friends, Christian went to find friends of his own and of course found Haley and her adorable Golden-Doodle, Copper!! It was that day, filled vulnerability and sweet conversations, that a spark was ignited in them both. It was the beginning of their forever together. It took a little while, ok a long while, for Edwin to realize Haley was more than a friend to him, that she was the woman of his dreams. Haley waited patiently, trusting God’s plan for her life, while Edwin did what he knew was right and worked on bettering his life and his relationship with the Lord wholeheartedly, but always keeping up with Haley. When Edwin was able to date again, he went to Haley right away and asked her to a movie. As they sat side by side watching the previews, Edwin leaned over and whispered in her ear, by the way, this is a date. Haley laid her head on his shoulder and that was it for them. With God at the center of their lives, both individually, and as a couple they began their forever. It was their faith and love for the Lord that sparked their initial interest and attraction, and will be the cornerstone in their marriage forever.

I loved getting to be a part of my sweet friend’s day. Paige and I have done her hair and makeup multiple times over the years so when it came to finding time for a trial run while planning a wedding season and between hair and makeup for Proms and Weddings we didn’t have time. She explained what her (and Edwin) loved and didn’t love and we nailed it on the day of. She clearly was stunning when she sat in our chairs but with a little tease, curls, and hairspray she was beyond beautiful. With her being such a special friend in my life there were tears, laughter, and lots of joy seeing her get ready to marry the man of her dreams. She likes her makeup a little more on the glam side than the natural side so Paige always loves that! She doesn’t need a lot of makeup but with a little lip stain, lashes, and airbrush her beautiful makeup lasted all night long (even after all the dancing)
From getting her ready, to standing by her side, this was one special day I won’t soon forget! Congratulations Edwin and Haley!


Venue-Morgan Creek Barn; Florist- Petals & Pastels; Photographer- Daly Proof; DJ- DJ Bradford; Hair-Laci Coker with Tease to Please; Makeup– Paige Morrell with Tease to Please