How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Inspiration


By Bianca Princena

With so many decisions to make as a bride, smaller choices can slip right under your nose – don’t let your wedding makeup inspiration be one of those! Picking your particular genre of wedding glam can determine how you look all day, plus in photos shared for years to come. It’s a smart idea to put a little extra care into choosing what you want! When it comes down to bridal makeup, the list is endless. Tease to Please Hair and Makeup artists can create natural, bold, vintage, classic, and glamorous makeup looks. So just how is a girl to choose? 

Like anything else, there isn’t just one correct way. We suggest working up from your usual look to create an elevated version of yourself with the help of one of our professional makeup artists. Remember, there will be lots of lights, flashes, hugs, sweat, and tears that must be taken into account for how your choice of look will wear. But you may also way to consider the theme of your wedding. Have you decided on a light and airy beach wedding, boho themed, or vintage styled wedding? You can plan your wedding makeup inspiration to coordinate this way. For those looking to go a little less on-the-nose, our artists keep some classics and fan favorites in their repertoire so you or your wedding party can ask for them on-demand.

Feminine & Natural Glam

This look typically consists of dewy skin, medium coverage, nude or pink lips, light blush, natural, earthy tone eyeshadow, and natural individual lashes or a wispy strip lash.

How to ask your artist for it: mention soft glam, glowy makeup, or natural glam.

Vintage & Classic Glam

Brides who opt for a vintage or classic glam look typically want that winged black liner, coverage can range from medium to full, simple eyeshadow, light blush, full brows, red or bold lips, and luxe or cat-eye shaped lashes.

How to ask for it: mention pin-up glam, vintage makeup, or classic glam.

Full Hollywood Glam

For full Hollywood glam, think Kim K! This look is typically characterized by smokey eyeshadow in neutral or dark shades, eyeliner, full coverage foundation, contouring, blush, bold brows, liner, full or mink lashes, lipstick, and even optional gloss.

How to ask for it: mention full glam, Kim K makeup, or Hollywood glam.

If these looks still aren’t exactly your style, fret not! There are still options. Try searching for wedding makeup inspiration made for your facial structure or specific features you have, or makeup that looks best with your eye color, skin tone, or hair color. Get a few different options and be prepared to answer what in particular you love about each picture. You can also choose your inspiration based on your wedding gown, or pick something that pairs nicely with the hairstyle you choose! If browsing through photos is more your speed, we always suggest our brides search Pinterest or @teasetopleasehairandmakeup on Instagram! Our page has tons of realistic, yet gorgeous inspiration to choose from.