How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Inspiration

June 2, 2022

With so many decisions to make as a bride, smaller choices can slip right under your nose – don’t let your wedding makeup inspiration be one of those! Picking your particular genre of wedding glam can determine how you look all day, plus in photos shared for years to come. It’s a smart idea to put a little extra care into choosing what you want! When it comes down to bridal makeup, the list is endless. Tease to Please Hair and Makeup artists can create natural, bold, vintage, classic, and glamorous makeup looks. So just how is a girl to choose? 

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Weddings can come about so fast! To make the most of this sweet season of life, you need a game plan to help feel and look your absolute best. With the excitement of your recent engagement still flowing, you might be wondering just where to start with all the planning madness! So, what comes next? 

A Bridal Glam Timeline from "I Will" to "I Do"

June 29, 2022

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